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EPIC welcomes all of you who come here looking for knowledge about things most people don't take the time to think about. Nothing is off limits.

From A to Z we will explore, discuss, research, and hopefully, come to some conclusion about the world around us and the things which the general populace will not seriously discuss. We are phenomena Investigators, researchers, media personalities, published authors, and truth seekers that have decades of experience and publications. We have gathered together to offer professional and solid inquiry to some of the world's most EPIC mysteries!


Phenomena: (n) Observable fact or event.



 EPIC was organized to offer an avenue to a level of inquiry that is more than

 just a four level conclusion; Known, unknown, hoax or inconclusive. 

 EPIC believes that there is more to events than nuts and bolts that must be

 explored to find the true meanings and answers to these world events.

 EPIC has a Council of forward thinking and sought after professionals in each

 of its noted fields of study. 

 EPIC Leadership Teams are designed for each member to have an organized

 path to all information and tools available when assigned a

 case or involved in a research project. 

 EPIC Investigators has a team of experienced specialists to assist

 them on all events and reports. 





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 MONDAY April 18th



Host:  Dr. Joseph Burkes Guest:  Jeremy Ray and Martin Chicoine

Topic:  MUFON Star Team, Scientific Ufology v.s. Human - E.T. Contact

Joseph Burkes MD will lead a discussion between two investigators with markedly different approaches to flying saucers. These are “scientific ufology” vs. human empowered Contact as practiced by groups like Rahma and the

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Initiative. 
Jeremy Ray has been a field investigator with MUFON for 11 years and a Star Team member since 2008. He has investigated over 100 cases in California, Texas and Colorado. Jeremy served in the US Army 82nd Airborne Division from 1998-2001 and fought in the Kosovo War. Later Jeremy was selected to participate in the Multi-National Force on the border of Egypt and Israel. His unit’s job was to report any peace treaty violations. Jeremy’s knowledge of UFOs enabled him to co-star in the History Channel’s television series Hangar 1: The UFO Files. In his personal life he has experienced a range of UFO contacts since youth that he considers friendly. Jeremy Ray currently resides in Denver,

Colorado and works in the private security sector.
Martin Chicoine, co-author of Paths To Contact: True Stories from the Contact Underground, lives in Montreal Canada. As a youth he enlisted in the Reserve Canadian Air Forces and worked as a glider pilot instructor. Martin holds a Masters Degree in microbiology and after doing research in that field for ten years decided to move on to something more spiritually rewarding. A long-term -term practitioner of meditation he became a yoga instructor and later started a hypnotherapy practice. He first became involved with the UFO world when in 2010 he had a broad daylight sighting

that was witnessed by his entire family.  In 2011 he started a contact working group in Quebec Canada and

has been part of the CE-5 Initiative since that time.

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Friday April 15th at 10pm ET on Dark Matter Digital Radio

Host:  Alan B. Smith   Guest:  Dr. Jospeh Burkes
Topic:  Government & Industry's E.T. Disclosure

Dr. joseph Burkes, M.D. has been engaged in human empowered contact with UFO intelligence since 1992. He worked with the CE-5 Initiative and the Peruvian based group Rahma to interact with flying saucers. His many encounters have compelled him to formulate a controversial radical new paradigm for studying the phenomenon. Dr. Burkes asserts that there are behind-the-scenes efforts in government and industry to move towards more openness on the UFO enigma and E.T. contact that might produce exciting opportunities for disclosure activists to challenge the UFO Truth Embargo.

More about Dr. Burkes:

​Dr. Joseph Burkes is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician and retired from the Southern California Permanente Group after 30 years of service in 2008. From the 1960s into the 1980s he was a volunteer peace and social justice activist working with the student anti-Vietnam War movement, Physicians For Social Responsibility,

and the United Farm Workers Union. 

In the 1990s he volunteered as a Working Group Coordinator for the CE-5 Initiative. As part of that experience he participated in human initiated encounters with UFOs in California, Mexico, the UK and in Canada, working with CSETI, MUFON and the Peruvian contact network now known as Rahma. Dr. Burkes write's about the mechanisms of contact that he has learned from his experiences with the network of activists that he calls “The Contact Underground.” 

Dr. Burkes believes that the flying saucer phenomenon is important because it may offer solutions to the seemingly insurmountable challenges that our civilization is facing. If the secret of flying saucer propulsion systems cold be safely downloaded into our technological culture then humanity would have its energy needs addressed without the continued burning of fossil fuels that is accelerating global warming. It is likely that the intelligences responsible for flying saucers are extraterrestrial in nature. His best judgment is that sustainable world peace based on social justice will

be an essential precondition for open Contact with them.

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04/30 • Host Dr. Burkes  |  Guest:  Christopher Bledsoe

05/01 • Joseph Burkes  |  Guestss:  Russ Calka and Lisa Galarneau












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"The Stephenville UFO event was one of the most extraordinary and important such events

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Ken Cherry's video with Sandie Sedgebeer on the Virtual Light Broadcast show.

The Stephenville Texas mass sighting of a enormous UFO and the subsequent investigation took more than a year and involved a team of investigators and scientists. What was discovered is the subject of Ken's novel Marc Slade Investigates The Stephenville UFO.