An open and honest online radio talk show and podcast program to invite conversations on varying paranormal topics such as UFOs, hauntings, fringe and future science, spirituality, metaphysics and cryptozoology; as well as health and wellness.

Paranormal Nowhost, Alan B. Smith, engages in fun, sincere and in-depth conversations with experts and researchers in UFOlogy, cryptozoology, spirituality, fringe science, metaphysics, paranormal hauntings, philosophy, religion, life after death and more.

After having shared an eyewitness nighttime UFO sighting when he was young, the need to seek answers to the UFO, E.T. and paranormal phenomena grabbed hold and never let go.

"Live in the mystery."

Alan has previously guest hosted and acted as Technical Director for EPIC Voyages Radio which is broadcast on the Inception Radio Network and the Dark Matter Digital Network.