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The Challenge of UFO Disclosure

Ken Cherry, former head of the Texas MUFON group, attempts to answer all of this and more in his new work of “fiction”, titled The Stephenville UFO. This is a thinly disguised work based on true events that examines all of the possible motives behind whether or not to disclose to the world the presence of ETs on planet earth. Ken chose fiction to protect himself and some of the others portrayed in his fast paced thriller weaving fiction with fact.

In my view, Ken has done a lovely job of keeping us turning the pages while educating us on the more highly contentious and esoteric background of Disclosure. I’ll be meeting with Ken privately next week before conducting my interview with him to get some deeper background that didn’t make it into the book. I will share what I can via the interview.
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- Regina Meredith

In January of 2008 the citizens of Stephenville, TX, were astounded to witness a series of unexplained lights and craft flying over their skies, chased by military jets. These sightings would set off a series of events that would quickly become one of the most controversial and well documented UFO cases in US history. 

Enter investigator Marc Slade, who has spent a lifetime investigating UFOs. What starts out as a simple investigation quickly turns into an intricate web of government conspiracies and an evil plot that threatens the very existence of humanity. As Slade digs deeper into the mystery, he finds his life is on the line and he must go on the run as he dodges government agents and the mysterious “Men In Black” to expose the nefarious plan before it’s too late.  
Based on real events, Marc Slade Investigates: The Stephenville UFO is a fascinating and frightening tale of sinister plots and shadow government agencies vying for control of the country. Author Ken Cherry has woven an intricate blend of facts told as fiction that shines a light on an ominous chapter of American history, and proving that not everything is as it seems. Whitley Strieber, the New York Times Best-Selling author of Communion and Alien Hunter, calls The Stephenville UFO "chillingly possible", while Best-Selling author and researcher Jim Marrs calls it, "An absorbing thriller... that presents new insights into the still-unexplained events at Stephenville, Texas, in 2008...what more could one want?"

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"The Stephenville UFO event was one of the most 
extraordinary and important such events in recent history. 
Ken Cherry's novel explores the case and its implications in a
creative and unexpected manner. Chillingly possible!"

- Whitley Strieber​