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E.P.I.C. Meeting, Dec. 4, 2011...

Mike McCaskill, Medium & Lead Investigator for


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Mike McCaskill Presents: Ghostology

Mike McCaskill is a gifted 32-year-old medium since the age of 8. On Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011, 35 people were present in the private meeting room at the Big Fish restaurant in the historic downtown Grapevine, TX area. The building where we met was originally constructed in 1906. During the fascinating presentation given by Mike and other members of his investigative team, they demonstrated numerous pieces of specialized equipment they use in the course of their investigations. One such device for ITG, Instrumental Trans-Communications (otherwise known as a “ghost box”), scans radio frequencies as quickly as one per hundred milliseconds. The device does, however, create a loud background noise as it scans frequencies. Mike McCaskill asked a series of questions as well as some from the audience, many of which were answered quickly and distinctly to the amazement of the group present. Unfortunately, none of the responses were picked up by our very sensitive microphone. The following is a partial transcript of that 25-minute exchange:

Mike: Are there any spirits present? GB (ghost box): Yes

Mike: How many? GB: 6 - 7 - 8

Mike: How many fingers am I holding up? GB: 4 (Note: this was correct)

Mike: How long have you been in this place? GB: 75 years

Mike: What is your name? GB: Jesse Mike: What is my name? GB: Mike

Mike pointing to another investigator: “What is his name?” GB: Martin (Note: correct)

Pointing to crowd, Mike asks: What is her name? GB: “Alice” Lady replies: Not correct.

Woman sitting next to her says “That’s my name!” (Note: Mike was pointing across the room at a tightly packed audience & probably wasn’t clear which lady he was pointing at.)

Lady from audience: My father recently passed away. What was his name? GB gives first & last name. Lady responds:That was my uncle. Lady asks “Where did my father hide the key to the safe deposit box?” GB: barely audible “Bed.”Question was repeated several times. GB responded more and more clearly, “Bed.” Lady: “Which side of bed?” GB: RightThere were several attempts to get the location even more specific, but there were no further responses to the question of the key.

John Gilliland, EPIC Senior Investigator, asked questions in regard to his current Rockwall investigation. Rockwall is a series of walls that have been unearthed all over Rockwall County, Texas. The origins of the builders have never been discovered, but there is tantalizing evidence that they may actually be pre-historic.

John: Who built Rockwall? GB: Giants John: How tall were they? GB: 20 feet

John: When were they built? GB: Long, long ago.

Lady asked: My father was born in Grapevine. Do you know what year? GB: 1944 Lady: That’s my birth year.

Note: Our original question led us to believe there were a number of spirits in the room. It is not clear if the one who originally identified themselves as Jesse, was the only one providing answers. Although some of the responses were amazingly clear, and some of them some of them extremely accurate, many responses could not be verified, but seemed to be directly related to the questions posed, whether accurate or not. In other words, they weren't just random words, which, in and of itself, is Extraordinary Phenomena indeed.

Respectfully submitted , Ken Cherry, EPIC Chairman