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Listen to Ken Cherry's interview on Midnight In The Desert to discuss the classic UFO

sighting that occurred for over a year in Stephenville, TX in 2008.

Monday April 18th at 9pm ET on IRN

Host: Dr. Aaron Judkins a.k.a. Maverick | Guest: Author, Mark Combs

Mark is a critical investigative researcher who is fascinated by Ancient Mysteries, Biblical History and the Origins of Man. He is an author, public speaker, blogger and publisher. His first book, End The Beginning, takes a critical look at the well-known and not-so-well-known details of Noah's Flood. Released in January 2015, it explores dynamic reasoning as to why the world had to be destroyed and the possibility of how it may have happened. Book #2, My End of the Circle, explores controversial religious arguments as well as important questions that are most often overlooked entirely.

It is scheduled for release in the summer of 2015. 

Book: End The Beginning 

"What if I told you that the world you know today isn't the world that used to exist? Cross referencing historical texts from a number of ancient civilizations with modern day scientific theory, END THE BEGINNING pieces together the backstory of life before Noah's Flood and uncovers the express purpose for the destruction of mankind. It also overlays documentation from the past with our scientific understanding of the present in an effort to project what may have triggered the

devastating chain of events."

Friday April 15th 10pm ET on DMDN

​ Host: Carole Carle   |   Guest: Charlotte Kosa

Charlotte Sanchez-Kosa, of Sacramento, California,  has been a paranormal investigator for more than 15 years.

She has owned her own team, the California Haunts Paranormal Investigation Team for 12 of those years.  Sanchez-Kosa by trade, is a journalist/photo journalist who freelances for several publications in Northern California. She is an award-winning newspaper editor

and writer who has held the positions of  city editor, reporter, page editor and designer. She also was the editor at the Suisun City Patch, an online publication. She now edits and publishes her own online newspaper. As the leader of the California Haunts team,

Sanchez-Kosa produces and hosts California Haunts Radio which is broadcast on Blogtalk Radio.

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