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Listen to EPIC founder Ken Cherry's on Midnight In The Desert discussing the classic UFsighting that occurred for over a year in Stephenville, TX in 2008.


MONDAY May 22nd 9pm ET / 7pm PT

Host:  Joseph Burkes

Guests: Hollis Polk and Kosta Makreas

​​Topic:  E.T. Contact and The People's Disclosure Movement

On Monday May 22nd, 6PM Pacific-9PM Eastern Times EPIC Voyages’ host Joseph Burkes MD will lead a discussion with a wife-husband pair of Contact activists. Hollis Polk and Kosta Makreas. Kosta is the founder of ETLetsTalk.com, and "The People's Disclosure Movement.” Born in Ft. Wayne, IN, Kosta earned a B.A. in Computer Science from Indiana University in 1977. 

He has been a successful software consultant in the Silicon Valley for almost 4 decades. For the last 10 years his passion and mission has involved leading and growing the ETLetsTalk community that has 11,000 members in more than 100 countries.
At ETLetsTalk.com Kosta teaches everyday people how to successfully communicate and interact with what he calls loving ET spiritual Beings. The goal is for humans to co-create with ET Friends a positive planetary transformation - a “Golden Age” on Earth of free energy, planetary peace, abundance, environmental sanity, and justice for all. 
Hollis Polk is a clairvoyant and personal coach. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Princeton and a Harvard MBA. She is also a Master Practitioner of what is called neurolinguistics, and a certified hypnotherapist. 
Hollis describes her work as helping people create lives they love by blending neurolinguistic and hypnotherapy techniques, decision science, clairvoyance, and the common sense learned in over 30 years of business experience. She teaches classes in intuition development and offers one-on-one personal and professional coaching.
Both Kosta and Hollis are co-authors of the book “Paths to Contact” edited by Jeff Becker.

Hollis and Kosta's website: www.etletstalk.com

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