A man in Marysville, WA had a close encounter with 3 very bright UFO's 
in 2011.  He originally reported the sighting to me a few days after it 
occurred. I recorded an interview with the witness and I also 
interviewed him on a radio show that I was hosting at the time. Recently 
the man reported that he has been diagnosed with prostate, lung, liver 
and possibly kidney cancer.  This case was extensively investigated by 
me in 2011. The man saw 3 very bright objects. The objects came within 
800 feet of him and then ascended into a large dark hovering object. 
Radar indicated unusual returns in the area at the time and location of 
the sighting. The weather was inclement at the time with cloud ceilings 
between 400 and 800 feet.

My complete report with links to the audio interviews here.

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