Oct. 4, 2012
--submitted by John Dockins, EPIC Senior InvestigatorC

I drove out to Blakeney, TX. to interview 3 men who claimed to see strange lights in the sky and on the ground.  I first contacted Eye Witness 1 who is the manager of a 1,700 acre ranch up near the Red River in far northeast Texas.  I met the manager of the ranch at their headquarters at 10:45 am on Oct. 4th.

He took me to where he had seen the light on Aug. 13, 2012 at approximately 9:30 pm.  On the way through the field he described his sighting.  

As he was driving through a pasture along the Red River, he noticed a very bright green pulsing light in a field approximately 500yd. away.  It appeared to be on the ground and at first he thought it might be a helicopter, but there wasn’t any noise.  The light appeared to be behind some tall cottonwood trees, it looked to be about 5ft, across and pulsing at a fast rate.  The very center of it was so bright he could not look at it, as it made him feel sick to his stomach.  He described it as bright as the bead weld from an arch welder and the size of a softball.  







  Picture from where he first saw it.  (See green circle in the center)

  It is difficult to add a light shape to the photo to represent the light that the witness saw, but you get the idea.  When the witness got closer, the light blinked out!







The witness continued on to complete the job he had originally come out in the field to do, but just a few minutes later, the light returned.  It now was closer to where he was standing and was so bright that he could not tell if it was in front of some trees or behind them.  It had moved about 250 to 300 yards to the south.  It lit up the entire field and was still pulsing at the rate that made the witness feel ill.  It was now off the ground about half way up the trees.

The witness decided to leave the field and return to his home.  He called his friends, witness 2 and witness 3, who were on horseback beside the road that borders the property to the southwest.  They were returning from moving a herd of cattle from one pasture to another further west of the manager’s location.  Below is a map, showing the locations of light, river and people.



While the manager was on the phone to witness 2, he asked if they could see the light and they both said yes.  When I spoke to witness 2, he said the light moved both vertically and horizontally and made no sound.  He also said that the light was red then white and seemed to rotate around like a beacon.  When I spoke with witness 3, he said that the light was red and white.  He does not remember seeing it move and only saw it for a few seconds and it appeared to be on the ground.  The manager next called his wife and stayed on the phone with her until he saw the light go out in his rearview mirrors.  He told me he wanted to be on the phone in case something would happen.

 The manager and his wife returned to the site approximately 4 to 5 hours later and discovered a dead cow in the same pasture that he was in when the light appeared last.  The cow did not show any signs of why it was dead.  No mutilation was seen, but massive amounts of blood seemed to have come out of either or both of its rear orifices, which appeared to be removed, the

manager could not tell for sure.  They did notice a small coyote in the area when they drove up.

Keep in mind that predators will go after the softest flesh possible first.  They are basically trying to use the easiest route to the animal’s internal organs.  My veterinarian said that in a cow of this size, approx. 1,200 lbs., rigor mortis begins to set in quickly, after 3 to 4 hours, thus resulting in the stiff legs and rapid cooling of the body.

When the manager related the story to their veterinarian, he refused to come out to the site in fear of radiation.  The owner of the ranch owns a Geiger counter and swept the area for radiation, but found nothing higher than the base amounts that are normal in the soil.  The manager’s pictures did not show the bleeding from the cow, but the picture of the ground below, shows the size of the puddle of blood.  The grass is starting to turn brown and that is a normal occurrence.

T he manager, his wife and his friends have returned at night several times, but have yet to see the green pulsating light again.  

My conclusion is that the light that the two men on horseback saw is a beacon that is on a part of the river that looks like an island.  It is used to identify that the irrigation system, for a crop of soy beans, is on and working.  The manager said he can see the light from the road, it is a red and white rotating beacon and when he sees it on, he calls the owner of the field and lets him know it is working. The pulsing green light that only Mr. Nichols observed however is not so easily explained.  With it being either on the ground or up behind some tall trees, it would not be visible from the road or his home.  There was no sound involved and no movement while the light was turned on.  I have no ready explanation for this.  There is no water on either side of that tree line, so the old “swamp gas” theory doesn’t fit.  This will go in the books as an Unknown Phenomenon, unless of course, any of you members have a good explanation.