Similar California UFO Cases: 40 Years Apart

 Dec. 9,2011

   Steve Reichmuth, E.P.I.C. Senior Investigator in California, recently researched a very strange series of sightings in the vicinity of Ojai California. This    location is south of Santa Barbara and next to a very large wilderness area, the Los Padres National Forest.

   There's another interesting aspect to this new case.  It's a reminder not to become too jaded or cynical about a light in the sky case.  We all know that most UFO sighting reports are descriptions of fleeting, unexpected events where the observers are completely unprepared and have no time to examine what is occurring before their eyes.

   After viewing the video associated with the case, I was less than excited. This was the classic wiggly white dot against an all-black background with a couple of people remarking in amazement in the background.

   As a serious UFO researcher, usually I don't like "lights in the sky" cases. It is far too easy for just about anyone to misjudge size, speed, or true shape when your eye has little or nothing to provide scale or definition. Obviously some people over-react and assume that every odd light is actually the vanguard of the alien armada. This does not mean, QED, every light in the sky is a hoax.  However, as I also recall from interviewing countless witnesses to crimes, a witness needs time to decide to trust the interviewer with all of the available information and sometimes, a witness will flat out surprise you because even they don’t realize just how important their information might be.

   When I spoke with Steve he described a particular incident related by the Ojai witnesses where they were looking at five glowing objects in the sky that were not connected and yet they seem to pulse different colors, but each one pulsed the same color as the others as if they were somehow acting in unison. The lights were brighter than planets, stars, or known aircraft.  When I heard this description, I remembered something that happened to me a long time ago. In fact upon recollection it was 1971 or 40 years ago.  I was in Berkeley, California and volunteering at a radio station called KPFA.

   We were doing radio dramas live over the air and I don't recall the date but I do know that we had chosen UFOs as the subject of a half-hour drama that we were going to perform live later on that particular evening.  We arrived at the radio station over an hour before airtime.  A man called the radio station and said that there were UFOs in the sky above San Francisco right now.

   We drove to the Oakland hills and went to an area in a park that had a perfect view of the whole Bay Area.  In fact this was a pullout or a "Lover's Lane".   I remembered that the first thing I saw when we arrived was that no one was in their car.  Everyone was standing outside and pointing at the strange lights above the late evening skyline of San Francisco.  There were two very bright lights that were above the city skyline.  The lights were well within the glare zone above the buildings, which incorporated the area above the skyline where the glare from the city lights prevents you from seeing stars.

   When we looked to the North that would be across the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County, we observed three more of these lights.  They were all at about the same elevation above the horizon probably about 40° up as I recall. I still don't know what kind of lights I was looking at, but I am sure that they were not stars or planets, and stranger still, they all changed color at the same time.

   This was back in the time when a lot of people had aluminum Christmas trees and it was very popular to shine a spotlight on the Christmas tree with a rotating color filter that would turn in front of the light thereby changing the color of light reflected from the foil on the branches of the Christmas tree.  One of the colors was a bluish green, and then it changed to a reddish-orange, and yellowish white, repeating in the same sequence and for the same duration of each color.

   The five lights did not appear to move. We asked each other questions about what we were looking at and we were amazed by the same aspects of this spectacle that was drawing the attention of the young people who were standing outside their cars. The strongest impression I had was that there was some purposeful mission being carried out by these synchronized, color-pulsing lights.

   When Steve and I compared notes about what is currently being reported near Ojai, California, it sounds like I observed the same lights that were seen recently by the witnesses to this new phenomenon.   There are other aspects of this case that suggests that these witnesses may have had even more profound experiences.  Investigation continues.


James E Clarkson
E.P.I.C. Director of Investigations

Director of Investigations / Washington State Director

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