EPIC Founder and President. ​Ken Cherry is a former Texas State MUFON director, author and investigator. He has founded the EPIC Voyagers investigation team and EPIC Voyages Radio. Throughout his years of experience he is most fascinated with the 2008 Stephenville UFO event and sightings. He is the author of the fictional novelMARC SLADE INVESTIGATES: The Stephenville UFOwhich serves to leak truths of Ken's very own experience while investigating the Stephenville UFO event.


EPIC Team Member and Author/Researcher. ​Nick Redfern is an active cryptozoologist and ufologist that has written multiple books including MONSTER FILES, WILD MAN, SECRET HISTORY, BLOODLINE and WOMEN IN BLACK. He has worked to uncover thousands of pages of previously classified Royal Airforce, Air Ministry and Ministry of Defense Files on unidentified objects.


​EPIC Host and Crystal Skull Researcher. Joshua is the co-author of THE SASQUATCH PEOPLE and JOURNEY OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL EXPLORERS.


EPIC Host and Team Member / Psychic Medium. John believes that metaphysics is the 'study of existence beyond the physical' and that his work focuses on the positives of this philosophy.


EPIC Host and Team Member / Psychic Medium. ​Tom is an award-winning author, speaker and international film distributor. His books include THE GENTLE WAY: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels and FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An E.T. which tells of his telepathic communications with an extraterrestrial member of "soul cluster".


EPIC Host and Technical Director for EPIC Voyagers and EPIC Voyages Radio. After having shared an eyewitness nighttime UFO sighting when he was young, the need to seek answers to the UFO, E.T. and paranormal phenomena grabbed hold and never let go. "Live in the mystery."


EPIC Host and Independent Researcher. At the age of eleven years Bruce was given a set of world mystery cards by his grandmother which led to his experiencing psychic manifestations in the form of telepathy. This served to reinforce his strong interest in investigation fringe subjects including ancient aliens and giants. Website


EPIC Team Member, Journalist and Author. ​Jim Marrs is a prolific writer on secret government programs and conspiracy theories. His books include OUR OCCULTED HISTORY, ALIEN AGENDA and ABOVE TOP SECRET.

"Your mind is like a parachute, it works better open." - Jim Marrs


Paranormal Investigator and EPIC Affiliate. Mike McCaskill, has been a medium since an early age whose ghost hunting skills bridge the paranormal with scientific research methods.


​Archaeologist and EPIC Team Member. Samir has travelled to and researched ancient sites around the world. He began on-site research and excavations in 2005 on the ancient Bosnian Pyramid complex and it's extensive underground tunnel network. He is the author of ten books about ancient civilizations. Samir is a professor of Anthropology at The American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


EPIC Host and Independent Researcher. Dani Fenton is a spiritual medium and psychic archaeological. She is the co-author of 2012 RISING THE LAST TZOLKIN - Warnings From The Maya & The Pleidians and ANCIENT ALIENS IN AUSTRALIA - Forgotten Origins of Humanity. Dani is also a Reiki master, hypnotic regression therapist and trance medium. 


EPIC Program Director, Host and UFO Researcher. He lives in southern California and is a partner in a  medical group serving a large Health Maintenance Organization and works in the emergency room. Burkes received his M.D. degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston Massachusetts. Dr. Burkes has proposed that the "Extraterrestrial presence profoundly threatens all terrestrial elites. This includes the international corporate, military, political and religious leaders of our planet." Website


EPIC Host and Crystal Skull Researcher. Katrina is the co-author of THE SASQUATCH PEOPLE and JOURNEY OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL EXPLORERS.