On May 17, 2016 I received a call from an electric engineer in 
Burlington, VT who had just witnessed a strange event. He saw a white 
oblong object flying slowly over his house. He was convinced that the 
light was not an airplane or helicopter as it was silent and the size of 
a "city bus." He shined a laser pointer at it and the object stopped and 
immediately shot a white-yellow beam of light that blew a hole in a 
paving stone and in the ground underneath the paving stone about 3 feet 
from his left foot. (See attached photos.) He then went inside his house 
and  called me. At the time of the original call he saw unusual activity 
outside his house including a police car with flashing lights parked 
across the street. I told him to immediately take photos of the stone 
and soil and send them to me. The stone was still smoking and hot to the 
touch 30 minutes after the light beam hit it. The temperature outside 
was 45 degrees F. Once the witness texted the photos to me two 
individuals knocked on his door and entered his house. He erased the 
photos before they came thru the door. The 2 "agents" identified 
themselves as FBI, but did not show their badges. They seized both of 
his cell phones. One of the phones was returned in his mailbox the next 

My 38 minute follow-up interview two days later (May 19, 2016) can be 
heard at the following link:

My report can be read at the following link:

My summary of the follow-up interview follows:

Apparently the witness was visited by 2 “agents” who said that they were 
FBI agents. However, they did not show their badges. They collected both 
of his cell phones and returned one of the phones the next day. (The 
phone showed up in his mailbox.) The “agents” wanted to know if the 
witness experienced anything unusual and his response was that he saw 
nothing unusual. He erased the photos on his cell phone when he saw the 
agents coming to his door. Some people are commenting that the witness 
drilled a hole in the stone. This is highly unlikely as these stones 
will fragment if drilled or dropped. The witness referred to the stones 
as “slate stones” that he purchased from Home Depot. So far I have been 
unable to find any additional witnesses to this event and nothing has 
been presented in the media. The witness said that he would take soil 
samples and send the stone to me.  The witness is very paranoid about 
any publicity and wishes that he never would have reported the event. 
Apparently his neighbors have been “tight lipped” about the event. 
However, given that the event occurred at 11 PM on a chilly night on a 
weekday it is unlikely that many people may have seen the object. I urge 
readers to keep an open mind on this case until all of the evidence has 
been analyzed.  Keep in mind that I requested that the witness take the 
photos. If he fabricated the sighting, he would have likely volunteered 
the photos.

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